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Stella Loizou Freelancer Web Designer & Developer

Creativity and fantasy in design have and will continue to shape the digital future. I am a freelancer web designer with experience in small and big company websites. My passion is to create websites that not only catch the viewer's eye but become an essential part of your company's marketing "Less is more" is my motto and that is also my working approach. To find out more, explore my website and for whatever catches your fancy I'm only an email away.

Illustrator and Photoshop are the tools that help me to make my fresh ideas for design real.The design of a website is very important to attract clients or at least make them "scroll down". Web design must follow the new trends of our times and a responsive site is what most companies need right now. I can effectively create mobile and tablet websites , same as or different than your standard desktop one.
HTML5-CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP are the languages that make the website speak on its own and become completed. My experience with these has shown that I can effectively create stand out websites and not only meet clients' needs but exceed them.
I constantly strive to enhance my development skills in order to be able to create websites that are modern and alive. Boostrap and Modernizr are some of the frameworks that I use to put theory into practice that converts words to statements and images to modern art.
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My Skills Are

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • User Interface Design

  • Creativity

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